Eclipse 3.5 - Galileo

First Encounter

  • new, more useful and prettier welcome screen
  • some extensions working that had problems in current 3.4
bugs and strange things
  • "what's new" link on welcome screen does not work
  • there is no update site set after instalation butafter installation of first extension (subclipse) the updates started to work
  • new cogwheel icon in task bar (or window list) is quite undistinguishable


The good news are, that the my favourite extensions all seem to work. Here is a short list of succesfully installed plugins, these with asterisk I've not yet tested too much:
  • subclipse
    - on project page there is already information that it works with 3.5
  • android
    - works terribly in 3.3, not installable in latest 3.4
  • wolips*
  • ocaide*
  • pydev

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