Shortcuts in Eclipse / Intellij Idea

I decided to publish this long ago started list of keyboard shortcuts for Eclipse and Intellij Idea to make the transition from one IDE to the other one easier for my colleague. I hope it will be useful for other developers in similar situation too. Where you see only one shortcut in the list, it means it is identical in both IDEs.

List Shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+L / ? (Help - Default Keymap Reference)
Search Actions: ? / Ctrl+Shift+A


Select All: Ctrl+A
Reformat: Ctrl+Shift+F / Ctrl+Alt+L
Open File By Name: Ctrl+Shift+R / Ctrl+Shift+N
Open Class By Name: Ctrl+Shift+T / Ctrl+N
Go to Matching Bracket:  Ctrl+Shift+P / Ctrl+{, Ctrl+}
Paste from Clipboard Stack: ? / Ctrl+Shift+V
Vertical Blocks: ? / Alt+Shift+Insert

Code Navigation and Manipulation

Navigate Forward in History: Alt+right arrow / Ctrl+Alt+right arrow
Navigate Backward in History: Alt+left arrow / Ctrl+Alt+left arrow

Go to Line: Ctrl+L / Ctrl+G

Delete Line: Ctrl+D / Ctrl+Y

Open Documentation: "mouse over" / Ctrl+Q
Open Declaration: F3 / Ctrl+B
Open Hierarchy: F4 / Ctrl+H
Find Implementation: ? / Ctrl+Alt+ B

Find Usages: Ctrl+Alt+G / Alt+F7
Usages Pop-Up: ? / Ctrl-Alt-F7

Code Completion: Ctrl+Space
Optimize Imports: Ctrl+Shift+O / Ctrl+Alt+O
List of Methods to Override/Implement: ? / Ctrl+O
Generate...: Ctrl+Shift+G / Alt+Insert

Comment LineCtrl + /
Comment BlockCtrl + Shift + /

Code FoldCtrl+"numpad +"  / or Ctrl+"+" 
Code UnfoldCtrl+"numpad -"  /  Ctrl+"-" 

Move Code Up: Alt+Up / Ctrl+Shift+Up
Move Code Down: Alt+Down / Ctrl+Shift+Down 

Create Test: ? / Ctrl+Shift+T


Rename: Alt+Shift+R / Shift+F6
Extract Method: Alt+Shift+M / Ctrl+Alt+M
Introduce Variable: Ctrl+Shift+M / Ctrl+Alt+V


In Current File: Ctrl+F
In All Files: Ctrl+H / Ctrl+Shift+F

Version Control

Commit Changes: Alt+C / Ctrl+K
Update: Alt+U / Ctrl+T
VCS Popup: ? / Alt+` (back qoute)


Maximize: Ctrl+M / Ctrl+Shift+F12


Debug: F11 / Shif+F9
Step Into: F5 / F7
Selective/smart Step Into:  Ctrl+F5 / Shift+F7
Step Over: F6 / F8
Step Out: F7 / Shift+F8
Resume: F8 / F9

Evaluate Expression: Ctrl+Shift+I / Alt+F8

Jump To Caller: ? / Ctrl+Alt+F7
Show the Caller Hierarchy:  ? / Ctrl+Alt+H

I want to continually update this list depending on what IDE I use - if you have anything that should be added to the list or you know replacement for some question mark in it, let me know. Thanks to all who already contributed.

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