Book Review: Mastering Apache Maven 3

When I got my hands on Mastering Apache Maven 3  by Prabath Siriwardena, I was sceptical at first, thinking it would be another half-cooked product trying to make up for lack of information with funny stories.

I am glad I can say that's not this case at all. The book is very good and covers all aspects of Maven in satisfactory level. Any developer who wants to us Maven efficiently will probably benefit from reading it and it useful also as comprehensive Maven reference.  Yes, as a natural nit-picker I found some things missing but it the number of such things was surprisingly  low.

What is even better it goes directly to the point, not wasting paper and my time on funny stories, jokes, or other filler stuff.

You will find in it description of POM (Project Object Model), various Maven configuration options, life cycle, description of several the most popular plug-ins, assemblies, archetypes, and repository management.  The final chapter about the best practices would have saved from some pain in past if I had it.

I will definitively find it place in my bookcase.